easy Sport Organizer 2.0

Productnr.: easy Sport Organizer 2.0

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easy Sports Organizer 2.0

De perfecte software aanvulling op grafische software. Maak in een handomdraai complete trainingen samengesteld uit diverse ofeningen. Bovendien trainingen bewaren, video import, seizoensplanning, database etc.

Looking for an assistant coach?
This assistant helps you to remember your ideas. And: You don't need to tidy up, 'cause the assistant does.

This great assistant also helps you to create wonderful training sessions within a few minutes. May we point out that he also is an expert in season planning?

And the best of all: This assistant doesn't get a monthly salary. He never argues. He receives his orders by a mouseclick. Whenever, wherever and hoever you like ... What else can a coach expect from life?


Most important details on the easy Sports-Organizer:

  • -extremely easy to handle
    -super fast search
    -import as many images as you like
    -unlimited video import
    -fast data base in the background
    -printout in a nice layout
    -plan your traning sessions in a few minutes
    -for ALL sports
    -available in English, Spanish, French and German

What you get:

  • -your personal download link
    -your personal code
    -free entrance to our friendly support center (our English -could be better, but we are friendly like hell - even if the -most of us is German)
    -a great assistant!




Windows 8, 7 or VISTA; Pentium II 400 MHz; Control Center, 256 MB ROM; Screen Solution 1024 x 768; 24 Bit colour; printer

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